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    Hystrivasum horridum - Extinct Fossil Vase Shell

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    Hystrivasum horridum - Extinct Fossil Vase Shell

    This spectacular fossil vase shell is extinct. It has a startling display of spiny protrusions throughout. A rarity that was excavated in Southwest, Florida's Caloosahateee fossil bearing formation

    This species is extinct and is found in the Pleistocene deposits of Florida.
    Hystrivasum horridum, formerly Vasum horridum, belongs to an extinct group that is easily distinguished from modern Vasum by the presence of two sets of spines or nodes located on the shoulder of the whorls. These spines can be found at the suture and at the periphery of the shoulder.

    Measures 4 1/4 inches in length. This specimen contains formation matrix inside the shell.