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    Dicranurus Monstrosus Trilobite in natural matrix

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    Dicranurus Monstrosus Trilobite in natural matrix

    The Dicranurus monstrosus trilobite is very scary looking making it one of the more sought after trilobites of the Order Lichida, Family Odontopleuridae. This specimen is quite large at 2.45 inches in length from the head to the spinal array. It has a "wingspan" of 2.75 inches at the genal spines. The librigenae is tightly attached, a sign of a well-articulated specimen.The occipital spines are curled and resemble ram horns.

    The Dicranurus monstrosus is found in the Lower Devonian Laatchana Formation near Alnif, Morocco.

    Trilobites are considered to be one of the earliest complex life-forms and the first creatures with a exoskeleton. Trilobites thrived during the Paleozoic Era but they went extinct before dinosaurs.

    This specimen is finely excavated and framed in its natural sea floor matrix.