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Vintage Oliver Peebles MP-2 Sunglasses 385.95€ close 1,929.75€
Vogue Eyewear VO2726S 1717/11 B Women's Fashion Sunglasses 35.95€ close 179.75€
DKNY Vintage Oakwood Black K01028 Split arm Sunglasses 125.95€ close 629.75€
Round Blue Nova Gradients Aviator Black Frames 12.99€ close 64.95€
VINTAGE HUNGARY G "Flat Black" Sunglasses 175.95€ close 879.75€
Winsum by Liberty USA Women's Sunglasses 85.95€ close 429.75€
True Vintage Oakley Sunglasses Metal Frame 225.00€ close 1,125.00€
Smart View Elite High-Definition Glasse 0.99€ close 4.95€
Tory Burch Fashion Aviator Sunglasses Gold Frame TY6015B 99.95€ close 499.75€
Halston Vintage Women's Fashion Sunglasses Black frames 45.95€ close 229.75€
Costa Del Mar, South Beach SB-11 159.95€ close 799.75€
PRADA Women's Fashion Shield Sunglasses SPR 54G Made in Italy 85.00€ close 425.00€
Round Blue Aviator Black Frames 12.99€ close 51.96€
B&L RAY-RAN True Vintage Rituals Fashion Sunglasses 399.95€ close 1,999.75€
Round Sunset Aviator Black Frames 12.99€ close 64.95€
Round Gray Aviator White Frames 12.99€ close 64.95€
Playboy '05' Womens Fashion Sunglasses Rockstar 125.95€ close 629.75€
Round Sky Purple Aviator Black Frames 12.99€ close 64.95€
Sub-Total: 10,074.21€

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